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Teacher Appreciation Week!

May 1st - May 4th is National Teacher Appreciate Week.

When we have asked our teachers what makes them feel most appreciated.  The overwhelming response was simple yet powerful: “Thank Yous.” They love hearing what you’ve been appreciating about your time here at Community School.  So drop off a card or stop by with a thank you and that will go a long way!

If you’d like to bring a tasty food item, please remember that we are a nut free facility.  Staff have said some of their favorites include: Fruit, Mac & Cheese, salads, healthy choices, CHOCOLATE & BACON! 

If food or words aren’t your thing but you are still interested in a finding  a token of appreciation for the teachers, an Amazon gift card is versatile and always welcome.

However big or small all is appreciated by our teachers!

Earlier Event: April 24
Later Event: May 28
Memorial Day - SCHOOL CLOSED